Richard Serra – St John’s Rotary Ark, 1980, New York

Richard Serra is an American sculptor who works largely with sheet metal creating minimal forms on a huge scale. He was involved in the process art movement.

The simple structures used in Serra’s work contrasts well with the city environments he usually places them in. The smooth geometric forms, often made of dark heavy steel, look bleak but also can seem rich due to the depth of the tone of the steel and the scale of the work comparative to the viewer.

The St John’s Rotary Ark instillation is very well planned but also incredible simple. Serra has mimicked the curves of the surrounding buildings and roads so the piece does not stand out too much. However, when you look closer it is clear that the work is completely different to its environment which is full of detailed complex objects often in movement. Comparatively, the curved steel is very static although its shape prevents it from seeming dull of unsuitable for the environment.


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