Anselm Kiefer – Jericho (2006) – Royal Academy of Arts

Anslem Kiefer

Jericho (2006)


Anselm Kiefer uses industrial materials frequently in his work, but through examining their properties and how they are structured and displayed he reassesses their purposes and qualities.

In his work Jericho Kiefer created large concrete towers reminiscent of the structures seen in World War II, particularly those seen in concentration camps. Kiefer often looks at Jewish persecution due to the fact he came from a German Jewish heritage. The structures are made of concrete, therefore should seem strong and constant due to the connotations there are to the material, however these towers seem weak. They look as if they have been stacked, there are sections of them missing and the steel rods are protruding out of them. These steel rods actually provide extra stability as the concrete binds to them reinforcing the structure, however by making them visible they seem to suggest the towers are eroding


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