GOMA – You Me Something Else – Nick Evans – Sculpture – Wednesday 19th October 2011

These works by Nick Evans are not only aesthetically interesting but also refer to the history of sculpture.

The pieces are made of cast plaster, this is easy to deduce as the seem lines are still visible on the work. However there is also clear manipulation of the material by hand as fingerprints are visible and the plaster is quite dirty from the studio environment. This makes the piece stand out in the gallery environment as normally work in plaster is refined and brilliant white, but it also highlights the importance of process behind sculpting.

The piece also refers to the birth of sculpture. The forms of the cast objects reference the work of Henry Moore’s fluid figures. The fact that it is also made of plaster a material associated with classical casts, such as the replicas of work such as Michelangelo’s David. The plinths are also crucial, the legs of the tables are exact replicas of work by Brâncuși, a man who believed sculpture could exist outside of the gallery and off the plinth. The also figures seem to be moving off the plinth, referencing Brâncuși. There are further references to birth, the graphic print on plinth has small sperm or tadpoles on it. The graphic print also confirms that it is a modern sculpture as the lime green colour is modern and the printing techniques are a recent design.


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