Gordon Matta-Clark – Object to be Destroyed -December 2011

Gordon Matta-Clarke is an artist and architect. Matta-Clark focuses on the concepts of the French deconstructionist philosophers and the Situationists, from them he focuses on the term  detournement, or “the reuse of pre-existing artistic elements in a new ensemble.”. From this Matt-Clark created the idea of an object to be destroyed, this means that much of his work is using recycled space or buildings. As a result Matta-Clark’s work is often on a large scale.

Perhaps his most well known work is Splitting (1974) where he perfectly dissects  a house in half. The effect is stunning and shows how a simple action can totally transform the meaning of an object and change its use entirely. The house can no longer function as a living space and now has a real delicacy to it due to its unsound structure after it has been split.

Another work that is interesting is Conical Insert (1975) where Gordon Matta-Clark cut a circular hole and cone form out of a building. It is really interesting to see the revealed structure of a building and see how a simple geometric shape can change the way a room works and similarly to Splitting can change the function of the space and the security behind it.

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