Press to Paper – An Exhibition of Printmaking – Project Ability – Trongate 103 – Friday 9th December 2011

Press to Paper offered a great insight into the world of printmaking, displaying a range of techniques and styles. The exhibition was created by Project Ability a group that helps disadvantaged people to access creative skills, through workshops, site visits and practical advice.

There was a really good variety of pieces, in many different tones and different scales. My favourite works were the more abstract and expressive pieces done in dry point as they achieved a finer level of detail and could be more expressive due to the flexibility of the polycarbonate they would have been etched onto.

There was also a range of work that was observational drawing and figurative work. They were interesting pieces however the subject matter felt a little bit cliched. There were many references to Warhol which although it is important to acknowledge his relevance to printing it meant some of the work seemed to just a be a reproduction of some of his more well known works.


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