Reprographic – The Old Hairdressers – Exhibition – Sunday 15th January 2012

Reprographic is an exhibition of new photographs by a group of young artists, living or studying in Glasgow; it includes work from those studying Fine Art – Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.

The exhibit displayed a wide variety of work and photographic styles, however all the pictures were in black and white. One notable thing about the exhibition was the sheer amount of work on show, normally you would expect each artist to show maximum three works however there was at least twenty photographs per exhibitor. There was also an obvious D.I.Y feel to the work as it had all been printed on plain printing paper and stuck up with masking tape. Although this did suit the subject matter of some of the works it made it seem as if the exhibition was less professional than the space it was being shown in and even detracted from some of the works.

The subject matters covered were broad but there did seem to be a focus on youth with many photos shot in a similar off the cuff style to artists such as Dash Snow, particularly his work in polaroids. It seemed evident that most of the photographs were taken using real film due to the quality and texture or had been edited to seem as if they were taken on film.

My favourite photographs were actually those that were not of people but looked at architecture or the structure of a space,  these offered a new perspective on a space and were beautifully observed and captured. Comparatively the work that was more focused on youth culture could be seen to be a little cliched at times, notably there were some works which felt  like they were unnecessarily trying to be ‘edgy’ and ‘urban’. However I overall enjoyed the work and particularly thought the space had a lot of potential for future exhibitions.



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