Site – Place – Context – Introduction Lecture Notes – Monday 16th January 2012


– The work will end up exhibited in the studio, so in a gallery space. This means you must think about how to document the piece and how you could show it so the size of it if it is an object. Moreover how you use the studio space as it is also part of Garnet Hill.

– There is no single answer, it is about your personal response, this means that whatever comes out of the group and the individual will be the right thing to do.



– Rather than looking at an object and thinking about how it relates to the space so negative and positive space and then taking drawings from it you must think about community and the idea so how something can develop from an idea rather than the materials.

– The work relates to the process that you went through, so is more didactic therefore about a conversation so thinking of what community is and what its relevance is to an area.

– Group and individual dialogue is equally important, as some are more outspoken than others group discussion is vital, in person, in the facebook group or through blogging.

– You will be limited by your imagination so think out of the box.

– Look first for influence and ambition before you think of ideas as they will appear when they collide with your ambitions and interests.

– Think about how you can use your interests and ambitions to filter out your ideas and where you want to focus your efforts and what you could discover within the community.



– Do not put yourself in a vulnerable position, think about visiting places in a group and where you are visiting

– Mention the art school as it has a good name in the community and may open up a dialogue about art in general

– Be bright and cheery and people will be more likely to let you visit.

– Engage in how others view art, thinking about not everyone goes to museums and galleries and how people may differ in their opinion of art and how it is different from yours.

– Look for sculpture within the space so what spaces are on offer for public work and how they are displayed.



– Royston Road Project – Graham Fagin and Toby Patterson – development of a park – Talk to Jenny Brownrig (exhibitions coordinator at the Art School) and worked on the project called the Romantic Vanguard

– What is the city but the people? Jeremy Deller – Drinking tea in the Hayward Gallery

– Conversation with Judy Chicago and Suzanne Lacy – Guerrilla Girls – Non traditional in the way the projects manifest and how they worked with women in communities

– Mierle Ukeles wrote the Manifesto for the Maintenance Art about how art should not be separated from community and trying to break the boundaries that separate the maintenance of life and the role of an artist in society

– Pedal Power – ice cream cart, the cart made the ice cream as it used solar power- Justin Carter – Public art Resource + Research Scotland

-paraSITE a project by Michael Rokowitz Rokowitz moved to New York and the new mayor wanted to change New York and get rid of the idea of it as a rough city, he pushed the homeless out into the margins by using laws against camping – story is that the police went to Rokowitz and develop a piece that would work within the regulations of the camping laws and worked with homeless people

– Pigeon Blog – grassroots scientific data gathering initiative to collect and distribute information about air quality conditions to the public

– N55 Walking House – looking at travellers in Cambridge – looking at the politics of travellers and raising consciousness

– Eco Homes –

– Shauna McMillan – Travelling the distance its about hand written sentences on female role models and crafted in porcelain – thinking about how would get the hundred women to divulge the information

– Shauna McMillan – looking at how nails and the thickness of the skin on the hands means that you can tell a lot about the person and their background – Shauna McMillan and Nicki Bird looking at a women’s library in terms of what it could be – in terms of cataloguing they were ordered tonally so looking at colour and asking women to donate/ loan a book with a blue spine by a female author with a relevance to the women – what sort of literature would present itself – also the process of returning the books How do we start?



-Community Centre

– Warden Controlled Flat

– Eco Politics (Carbon Footprint)

– Use internet for research

– Sustainability

– Biodiversity (Plants and Wildlife in the area) (4th year graduate Beth Hammer, she went round Glasgow and collected the seeds from lots of different plants generally thought to be weeds and cultivated them so showing the natural vegetation of the area but also on top of the ABC created a wildlife garden and all flat roofs should be habitats)

– Allotments

– Schools

– Cornershops

– Fireworks Studios

– Galleries




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