Garnet Hill Laundrette – Site – Place – Context – Tuesday 10th January 2012

As part of my research into our new brief I took some photos of the local laundrette. The brief asks us to explore the local community and look at how the community interacts with the area and what people make up the community.

I really like the idea of a laundrette as everyone is equal, no one is given preferential treatment and everyone is performing the same action, washing and drying clothes. A laundrette is also somewhere where people from different backgrounds and communities come together. The idea of washing clothes is also an interesting one, it could be attributed to cleansing and the idea of washing away problems or past issues, even those within the community.

This laundrette was very clean and the machines were quite dated which gave a nice feel to the place. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the film My Beautiful Laundrette (1985, directed by Stephen Frears), partly because it is set in a laundrette but also because it looks at disparate groups coming together, in the case of the film the British Asian community and the skin heads of the 1980s.

I really enjoyed visiting the laundrette however I feel although visually it was beautiful it was not very full of people and I felt that I would find it difficult to have a focus when looking at the community.

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