Elpida Vasileva – Friday Event – Site – Place – Context – 20th January 2012

Elpida Vasileva is a sculptor and installation artist, she works extensively with animal matter, particularly animal skins and the beauty in them.

Vasileva graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1996, her degree show was Re-evolution (1996). Vasileva placed a large live scotts pine in the Mac building. The tree ran up the entire length of the staircase. The idea of the tree growing upwards following the staircase growing like the building does. The idea of bringing in nature to a place without it even though the Mac is largely made of wood, is a really interesting one and looks at how modern life can make us unaware of nature and forget its beauty.

In another work Butterflies in the Stomach (2008) Vasileva looked at preserving pigs stomachs, a French delicacy and creating a work with them. The resulting work is an intricate series of sheets creating a maze like structure. The skins are beautiful, they look similar to veins but are in a beautiful white and purple colour. The way the light shines through them creates a work that seems almost transient in its intricacies.

Inherent Beauty (2010) is another work by Vasileva that uses animal skin, the piece consists of coloured tiles which had been covered in pigs skins creating a marbled effect. Vasileva’s work creates a contrast between the grotesque idea of the material used and the process undergone to create it but also the beauty of it.

In terms of out current project Site-Place-Context Elpida’s work, particularly Re-evolution looks at how a work relates to its exhibition space, so whether there is a contrast or whether it compliments the space. This is important to consider, especially when you are thinking how to represent a site specific work within a gallery space. For example if the work contains video what medium would it be suitable to show the video on in relation to the context and content of the piece but also the technological quality of the work.

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