Foley Artist – Tacita Dean – Tate Britain -1996 – Site – Place – Context – 2012

In Tacita Dean’s 1996 exhibition she looked at sound and decided to honour the Foley Artist. The Foley Artist works in film post-production and makes sounds usually made by people using various props such as cloths and shoes filled with grit for footsteps and dropping sacks for bodies falling to the ground. The Foley Artist represents a bygone era before digitisation where people relied on human invention and creativity to create new sounds.

The exhibition uses largely sound rather than visuals or dialogue to describe a story or evoke a mood. Cinema time, foley time and the theatricals of the piece exist together in the work. There is a lightbox which is how the audience traces the plot of the sound piece. At first it appears similar to a cinema screen but illuminates a chart which works like an orchestral music score showing the original dubbing that took place to achieve the sound.

In my current work I am focusing largely on sound and plan to use a single image to illustrate the work and contextualise the sound. This means that the sound, similarly to Dean’s work is the focus. However in my piece it is about the content whereas Dean’s piece looks at the context of what a Foley Artist is and the role they played and continue to play in cinema and radio.


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