The Royston Road Project – Graham Fagen and Toby Paterson – Signal Hut – Paul Carter – North Glasgow – Site – Place – Context – 2012

The Royston Road project was a community based project in the North of Glasgow, its aim was to regenerate two public parks into artistic spaces with artists residencies and through members of the community.

The project was lead by two Artists Graham Fagen and Toby Paterson who worked with landscape artists to develop parks for the community, Spire Park and Molendinar Park. The community had a large part to play in the designing of these parks and what they would be used for in the future. The project later received funding from Public Art Scotland to aid a community board to be created so arts and sporting activities could continue in the area within the public spaces.

One project that stuck out for me was the Signal Hut (2000-2001), it was undertaken by the artist Paul Carter who was working with the Royston Youth Action. The idea was to use the existing Royston Spire in Spire Park to create a radio transceiver and transmitter which could receive signals from space. The artists worked with a group of young people to build a radio control centre where messages from the local community were collected. After these messages were collected they were then sent into space on the 28th July 2001. Receiving equipment was then installed which would emit a green light if a reply was to be ever returned.

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