Loss – directed by Emily Penn – Documentary – 2010 – Site – Place – Context

Working with the sound I have recorded whilst at the Homeless Unit I thought back to a documentary I made in 2010 on Loss. The documentary consists of two interviews with an elderly man and woman who are actually my grandparents, Doreen and Frank. Through the interviews I compared their opinions on loss and greif. Frank was still very bitter over his mothers death but much more passive towards the death of his wife, on the other hand Doreen was very proactive after her fathers death, trying to make the most of her time and only expressed real emotion when talking of the death of her husband.

The film taught me how sensitive you have to be to the material and make sure that you are expressing the characters fairly and not presenting them in a negative or false light. It was particularly hard to distance myself from the interviews as I obviously had strong emotions attached to my grandparents and knew how much these people meant to them and me.

As a result of what I learnt from my previous interview experience I was very careful to make sure I used the interviews to express a positive message and focused the questions to be more general than personal. Moreover unlike Loss the people I interviewed were strangers, therefore I had to be more careful over how I approached them and how many personal details I asked them.

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