Sleep Furiously directed by Gideon Koppel – 2008 – Site – Place – Context

Sleep Furiously is a 2008 documentary on a small Welsh town Trefeurig, a farming town in the where Koppel grew up. The film looks at how the town is dealing with the changes of the modern world, the school faces closure and most shops and bus routes have been cancelled. This is a piece of work that laments the loss of communities such as Trefeurig and shows the strength of a community.

The best thing about the film is the love that Koppel has put into the film, many of the critics claimed that it was a very slow paced work but Koppel is reflecting the pace of the area and also taking a really subtle and sensitive look. It is very easy to make documentaries fast paced to make them more accessible, however for this film it would not be appropriate. The film is beautifully observed and looks at how stunning the scenery is and how the residents are so good at working together and how much they want to keep their community. Although, the films makes it clear that they are not against change, they are not luddites, they just want to maintain their community and their village’s history.

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