Andrew Miller – Gallery II – Ingleby Gallery – Edinburgh – 14th Febuary 2012

Andrew Miller is a Glasgow based artist and a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Sculpture & Environmental Art course. Miller’s work often deals with the concept of form and function and the ambiguity that surrounds it. As a result Miller rarely focuses on medium but more notably the purpose of an object.

Miller often uses found objects that are worn and have been discarded, such as in his work Barbara Ann which consists of a Totem Pole of old lampshades. By merging them into a form he removes their function as individual objects and creates a large light that is not appropriate to a normal living space due to its size.

In his other works he has done site specific pieces such as No Future where he has carved the phrase into a tree. In its primary state this seems like an act of teenage rebellion and relatively meaningless when you think about the amount of graffiti made on trees however coming from an artist it can been seen as a statement on the eco system and deforestation. This style can be seen in many of Miller’s works with the concept of the underdog in visual art.

Although I find Miller’s work really interesting I found the lack of a coherency to his work a bit unfortunate. However there is a clear visual style in his art he seems to be too excited by the materials.


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