Anna Barriball – The Fruitmarket Gallery – Edinburgh – 14th February 2012

Anna Barriball is a contemporary artist that works in London. Her work often explores the lines between sculpture and drawing, therefore her work often uses practices associated with drawing to create something that could be considered sculptural.

For example Barriball uses paper and pencil to create three dimensional forms through insistently pressing the pencil into the surface. The result is delicate and subtle but shows how fine the line between classical drawing and sculpture is. Barriball also uses found materials which she marginally alters to subtly change their meaning and change their purpose. For example in her work with a large wind breaker she takes a well known object but removes its function by placing it against a wall. Instead she focuses on the colour produced by light shining through it.

My favourite of her pieces was the projection of a fireplace onto a wall. The super high definition projection and placement meant that from afar it genuinely looked like a fire place. The piece focused on the air escaping form the fire place through the artist attaching a grey sheet of paper to the flume. It mimicked breathing and had a very calming effect with its simplicity and rhythmic pace.

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