Roger Ackling – Gallery I – Ingleby Gallery – Edinburgh – 14th February 2012

Roger Ackling is often classed in the Land Art movement with artists such as Richard Long and Hamish Fulton. He graduated from St Martins School of Art in the late 1960s and worked with a group of artists in the 1960s challenging the traditional notions of sculpture. This formed the land art ideals that a sculpture could be anything, a walk, a cycle ride, or in the case of the Ackling exhibition a piece of wood bleached by the sun.

Ackling’s work often uses sunlight, where he concentrates light using magnifying glasses to burn dots and bleach the surface of  found wooden objects such as driftwood, card, and the contents of his garden shed. His work looks at the beauty of light measuring its existence and thinking of its passage to earth from its source ninety three millions miles away. The objects have a strength in their stillness but the light marks also highlights their fragility and lowly nature.

I really like the conceptual idea behind Ackling’s work but think it would be interesting to see how he could push the idea further with a larger scale of work and object. Moreover it would be interesting to see if he could focus on one large object rather than a series of small ones.

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