Sculpture On Film: Object, Body, Action – Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art – GFT – Cinema 2

Eva Hesse – excerpt from Four Artists: Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Bruce Nauman, Susan Rothenberg – a film by Michael Blackwood

This was a fascinating insight into the work of Eva Hesse as well as her personality. The film comprised of interviews with Hesse, critics, other artists and curators to build a portrait of her work and self and how she developed into 3D works throughout her career. The film looked at her process of making with footage of her working in the studio.


Carolee Schneeman – Meat Joy – 1964/2010

This performance looks into the concept of sexual ecstasy and meat. It is an incredibly visceral show with almost nude men and women writhing around in paint, dead fish and chickens, and shredded paper. It was almost comical with the way it was edited and the close up expressions of the performers.



Bruce Nauman – Pinchneck – 1968

Nauman manipulates the flesh around his face and cheeks in this short film. It was interesting to see how Nauman used film to explore the body and how it could be represented more abstractly.



Bruce Nauman – Thighing – 1967

Similarly to Pinchneck Nauman looks at the body in a more abstract sense, manipulating his thigh and how his breathing can reflect the movements.


Cheryl Donegan – Head – 1993

This was a highly humorous piece of work looking at sex, femininity an voyeurism. The pastel colours echo the female and the milk has obvious sexual connotations.



Peter Fischli & David Weiss – The Way Things Go – 1985

Although a long film this was a interesting look into how objects relate and how everything can be interconnected.



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