The Making Of Us – Graham Fagen, Graham Eatough & Michael McDonough – Tramway 1 – GI Festival – 2012

Graham Fagen’s new work in association with the National Theatre of Scotland explores the relationship between an audience and a live event. The piece consists of a film set where performances take place with actors and a film crew and the audience become enforced ‘extras’. When the performance is not taking place there are various televisions around the set showing the view from two monitors of the performances (monitors are what is rigged to cameras when live recording so the director can view the shots).

How we consume television and the public’s lack of understanding as to how its made is a very important issue and this piece beautifully highlights it. Not only does it demonstrate the strange emotional world of an actor, it shows how sets are constructed and designed and how different they look when captured on film. The piece also has a very strong sense of voyeurism as the audience silently watches both the plot of the film unfold but also the personal relationships between the film crew and the actors.

I really liked this piece and though it was perfectly executed and captured the surrealism of creating a scripted film with actors and how the public have an increasing interest in other people’s lives and the lack of understanding as how television and film is made.



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