Slideshow – Brief – The Garage Space – Everyday Project – Body/Object/Space – SEA – Year 2 – Term 1

Charles Negre, Le Stryge (The Vampire), 1853 – Sculptural photography, started his life as a painter so thinking of composition – when research comes the artwork – the photograph was more a science and was not considered ordinary – the tradition of painting with photography


Yves Klein (photo by Harry Shunk), Leap into the Void, (1960), Cover of Dimanche – Le Journal d’un Seul Jour (Nov, 27 1960) – montage photograph so is a mythological work – made a publication to tell people the event had happened – working outside the realms of reality


Maurizio Cattelan, Esaurita (Breakdown), 1993, Bic Biro, 14cmx1cm – pen runs out of ink – the indentation of the pen creating a void of space – what is a dramatic moment – is it a poetic, lyrical dramatic that the pen runs out – the focus on the single moment in terms of composition


Trisha Brown, Roof Piece, 1973, 420 West Broadway to 35 White Street New York – communicate through dance –about context and documentation – how we interpret the work and what the documentary evidence and imagination does to art – questions urban landscape – explosion of the extraordinary from the ordinary – easy resources to access – instinctively follow an idea


Brassai, Involuntary Sculptures, rolled up bus ticket, smeared toothpaste, woman’s torse 1932 – beauty in minute detail


Richard Wentworth, Guide, 1984-88, rubber and concrete – looking at others actions and the negative space – The photographers gallery 2001 – using other peoples actions to create sculpture –rethinking actions as a celebration of sculpture

Richard Wentworth, Old Kent Road 1974 – what book would you place under what object to alter the meaning – which book is the right one but you don’t have to know just do it and evaluate afterwards

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