Me @ the Zoo – Directed Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch – Raindance Film Festival – September 2012

Me @ the Zoo is a documentary which I got the opportunity to see at Raindance Film Festival when I was there representing Henry Coombes’ short film I am the Architect which was screening in the shorts sections of the film after my distribution for the project.

The film is about Chris Crocker a transvestite teenager who has received 270 million hits in youtube for videos such as Leave Britney Alone which featured him crying after Britney’s breakdown in 2007. The film not only looks at his personal conflicts such as his strict religious grandparents whom he lives with, his teenage mother and subsequent time in Iraq with the army and decline into meth addiction, but also focuses on how internet culture has affected the way we distribute and share personal information with particular relation to the concept of fame and celebrity. Chris Crocker describes himself one of the first people to be famous for not being famous.

The film was made by Chris Moukarbel he directed a short film titled World Trade Center that was made with a bootleg Paramount Pictures script. It received wide media attention by preempting the release of the Oliver Stone feature film by the same script. The film went viral on YouTube, prompting a highly publicized national debate about intellectual property rights on the Internet.

Although the film was very uneasily edited and slightly sentimentalised at times but the content was quite interesting and opened up a lot of debate over intellectual property on the internet and how much is too much in terms of sharing ourselves online.


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