Lewis Biggs – The City as a Patron – I am the architect, this is unacceptable, this is not happening – Artists’ Strategies for Working in Public: Learning from Practice – Symposium – House of an Art Lover – GI Festival – Wednesday 25th April 2012

INTRODUCTION – Art is not solipsism, it is a social activity. Art only becomes art when there is a dialogue in place therefore it must be social. – The relationship between the patron and the artist is a social exchange as both parties have needs and/or resources. Patrons and artists need a dialogue as councils … Continue reading

Reprographic – The Old Hairdressers – Exhibition – Sunday 15th January 2012

Reprographic is an exhibition of new photographs by a group of young artists, living or studying in Glasgow; it includes work from those studying Fine Art – Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. The exhibit displayed a wide variety of work and photographic styles, however all the pictures were in black and white. One … Continue reading

Gordon Matta-Clark – Object to be Destroyed -December 2011

Gordon Matta-Clarke is an artist and architect. Matta-Clark focuses on the concepts of the French deconstructionist philosophers and the Situationists, from them he focuses on the term  detournement, or “the reuse of pre-existing artistic elements in a new ensemble.”. From this Matt-Clark created the idea of an object to be destroyed, this means that much of … Continue reading

Anish Kapoor – The Unilever Series – 2002

Anish Kapoor’s drawings are fascinating in looking at the development of a sculptural piece. The way Kapoor converts the rough energy of  his original sketches into sleek architectural and mathematical designs. The concept of drawing a cube as to represent the space and using spirals to work out a way to fill the space is … Continue reading