Reprographic – The Old Hairdressers – Exhibition – Sunday 15th January 2012

Reprographic is an exhibition of new photographs by a group of young artists, living or studying in Glasgow; it includes work from those studying Fine Art – Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. The exhibit displayed a wide variety of work and photographic styles, however all the pictures were in black and white. One … Continue reading

Site – Place – Context – SEA Brief – Year 1 Term 2 – January 14th 2012 – GSA

Site – Place – Context This project aims to demonstrate the importance of being aware of, and understanding the multiplicity of contexts within any given site. The project is structured around four creative processes: Research, Development, Resolution and Presentation. You may develop work in any media, though this must be done within the resources introduced to … Continue reading

1st Year Painting & Printmaking Exhibition – GSA – 7th December 2011

The First Year Painting & Printmaking exhibition offered a really interesting insight into the diversity of the department and year group as a whole. There was a clear range of influences on show from Francis Bacon, Goya to Matisse. It was great to see what people in another department were interested in, particularly in relation … Continue reading

Henry Coombes Process Film – 1st Year SEA – GSA – December 2011

This is a film I made as part of working with Henry Coombes as an artist in residence at the GSA.

Martin Boyce wins Turner prize 2011 – The Guardian – Monday 5th December 2011

Martin Boyce receives £25,000 award, confirming Glasgow’s indelible importance to Britain’s art world Martin Boyce’s installation Do Words Have Voices is displayed at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. Photograph: EPA With his quietly atmospheric, lyrically autumnal sculptural installation recalling a melancholy urban park with its metallic trees and scattered paper leaves, Martin Boyce has … Continue reading

Andrew Miller – You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – You, Me, Something Else – GOMA – Forum for Critical Inquiry – 2011

It is hard to look at Andrew Miller’s work, You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, without being reminded of Michael Craig-Martin’s seminal piece, An Oak Tree (1974). Craig-Martin’s work similarly contained a glass of water, however his sat on a glass shelf. He used the semiotic argument that … Continue reading

Henry Coombes Brief – 1st Year SEA – GSA – 2011

The Conscious Subconscious The artist, too, has to face chaos in (their) work (Ehrenzweig, 1967: 5) During this project we will investigate and attempt to understand and unpack the role of intuition in the making process. According to Ehrenzweig (1967) The Hidden Order of Art, making is a mix of conscious and unconscious scanning, of control and loss of … Continue reading

Robert Morris – Box with the Sound of its Own Making – 1961 – Henry Coombes – December 2011

For my work with Henry Coombes I have created a video that focuses on the sound of the process I went through to create my sculpture. For the work we were using plaster, wood, scrim, paper and PVA glue. This meant there was a rich diversity of sounds such as water, the rough scrap of … Continue reading

The Medals Project – First Year Sculpture and Environmental Art – Glasgow School of Art – 14th November 2011

Context This year SEA are taking part in the Student Medal Project, a competition run by The British Art Medal Society (BAMS). We are running it as a project for our first year students, and opening it up to students and staff from around the School. Bill Woodrow The (BAMS) Student Medal Project encourages and promotes the art of making medals … Continue reading